Delete AES-NI Ransomware – How to Delete AES-NI Ransomware

How To Get rid of AES-NI Ransomware On Your Computer

AES-NI Ransomware is a ransomware that stops you from using your PC. It holds your PC or files for ransom. It can prevent you from accessing Windows computer system. Encrypt files so you can’t use them. Stop certain applications from running like your web browser, security programs, Windows update, etc. It will demand that you do something to get access to your PC or files. In most of the cases it ask you to ransom money to decrypt the files or unlock your computer. in some cases it is also founded that it ask users to complete a survey and feed their personal and confidential information to provide private keys to restore files. AES-NI Ransomware ransomware may also claim you that you have done something illegal with your PC like distribution of child pornography, violation of copy right, use and distribution of pirated software etc. So that you are being punished and fined by a legit authority. it also scare users that avoidance of this notification will result in visiting jail according to the judicial trail.

These claims are false. It is a scary tactic only designed to force you to pay the money without any discussion. There is no guarantee that paying the fine or doing what the ransomware tells you will give access to your PC or files again. After a victim discovers that it is not possible to open a file, he/she make decision to follow the ransom note that demanding a small amount of money in exchange for a private keys to restore files or unlock the PC. The attacker also warns victims that if the ransom is not being paid by the certain date or time then the private keys will be destroyed forever and the user on compromised computer will lose all valuable data. The victim is bluffed into believing that he is the culprit and subject of a judicial or police inquiry. After getting this AES-NI Ransomware ransomware infection the program display a notification on their desktop that unlicensed/pirated software or illegal porn content has been found on their computer, the victim is also given instructions to pay an electronic fine. With this approach, many Internet users who have encountered with this ransomware muck up their money without receiving any solution by cyber criminals. Hence, if you are finding such ransom note while starting your computer or opening your files the follow the removal steps as mentioned in this post to remove AES-NI Ransomware ransomware on your computer.

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How Does AES-NI Ransomware work: Complete Tactics

AES-NI Ransomware aka lock screen virus do not let any opportunity go wasted the moment it invades and attacks PC. Your PC gets locked up and starts displaying several messages prompting that your system has been used up for some illicit and illegitimate purposes. As a result you are being penalized and need to pay fine for getting your files and system unlocked. What more you need to pay the aforesaid ransom within stipulated time frame or as early as possible to delete AES-NI Ransomware. Here lies plethora of the problem as many of the users get panic and even end up paying the ransom in helter skeltor. Many of them even do not realize that it is a meager tactics employed by AES-NI Ransomware to get maximum out of nothing. Whenever, users try to access the files they are prevented and instead they get annoying warning messages like


ATTENTION! Your PC has been locked up for safety reasons. Amount of fine is to be paid. Pay Now

It further recommends to pay out the fine in order to decrypt the selected files. But it is suggested not to believe on such hoax and fake messages. Even if you pay the amount it will be of no use and money once paid cannot be claimed for.

AES-NI Ransomware works as a scareware that can target all Windows version including Vista, Windows 7, 8 and aims to collect ransom amount by creating panic among the users due to file encryption. This Ransomware has been solely created by cyber fraudsters to cheat users and make money online.

Why Ransomware is nasty for your PC

  • Once it invades, it goes on encrypting files further
  • Demands ransom for file decryption
  • makes PC vulnerable for future attacks.
  • Exploits system vulnerabilities.

Is there any Way to Restore Encrypted Files

Frankly speaking, manually it is not possible to decrypt files that is being locked or encrypted due to ransomware infection. However, if you have a backup copy of the file it can be restored. However, if you are looking for complete solution to get rid of this issue, it is advised to delete AES-NI Ransomware from your PC without wasting time further.

How AES-NI Ransomware Secretly Invades PC

It is quite difficult to pin point exact reasons that can lead to AES-NI Ransomware infection. However, generally following avenues can be utilized by AES-NI Ransomware to strike PC and make users its victims.images

  • Downloading files from unknown sources as it might be virus infected. The moment it is downloaded can be activated to ruin your system as a whole.

  • Not scanning of removable media such as external hard drive, pen drives etc. This would create a biggest turmoil spreading infection from one Computer to another.

  • Casual attitude while installing program often can strike your PC with AES-NI Ransomware infected extensions. Often freeware comes bundled up with unwanted extensions that might install other threats on to the browser. Many times users do not read the terms and simply proceed further to install the program while it has been clearly stated in its policies that you might end up installing additional extensions.

  • Disabled Firewall settings opens all scope for intrusion of AES-NI Ransomware and harmful threats which are frequent in the cyber world.

  • Using Outdated antivirus or not installing the latest updates regularly. Since latest threats such as AES-NI Ransomware is one of the latest threat that is ready to strike PC and it can never be detected by security program that has not been updated.

  • Visiting dubious websites that supports infected files can also contribute to this particular infection.

  • Enters the PC via social media when some suspicious links are clicked on.

  • Responding to unknown or spam emails and revealing your login details can be lethal for the safety and security related to Online frauds.

  • Installing fake updates including (Windows, Java or Codec). These are nothing but meager tactics of hackers to attack your PC in long run.

  • Clicking on luring ads, banners, and promotional links can make you an easy victim to strike your system.

  • System loopholes such as not using proper antivirus while surfing web can have hazardous impacts and make your PC vulnerable to such threats.

User Guide : AES-NI Ransomware Scanner

Step 1 : You can opt an automatic scan or customized scan option to search and detect malicious components on entire disk after installing AES-NI Ransomware Scanner.


Step 2 : After completion of scanning process, a list of threats will be generated including AES-NI Ransomware.

Step 3 : If you need any technical assistance then you can take support of Spyware HelpDesk, which is a feature of licensed version of program.

Step 4 : You Should use System Guard feature to protect your computer from AES-NI Ransomware, this feature provides you real time protection against any type of online invasion of malware.


Step 5 : The program can also guard all type of network settings including DNS, IP, Homepage, default search engine, etc and never allow any changes by intruder program or website.

Step 6 : You can easily avail its Scan Scheduler to run a periodic and automatic scan to mobilize all functions of PC and avoid any malicious infection.


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